Me at my birthday on feb 2024, comsats solar park

Hello. i am mujtaba, software engineering student at comsats university, islamabad. i started programming at grade 9. i soon started liking programming so much that i started game & app development. i made quite some apps & websites but most of them are either left incomplete or are not deployed.

This website is a part of my 4th semester digital-marketing project. Tho I got less marks due to its non-e-commerce-ish nature, I continued to keep it and transformed it into my personal blog for writing about things I like & know.

You can email me at hello.gameidea@gmail.com. Or message at GitHub, or Instagram.

If you love my content, I’ll appreciate if you help me either by donating me on patreon or by telling other people about this site. This helps me a lot. Thank you so much for reading!